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{February 19, 2008}   Eiken
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{February 16, 2008}   Ongaku gatas 1st Goodsal Album!

o1. Dakishimete…Namida
o2. Osaki ni Sunzurei
o3. Narihajimeta Koi no BELL
o4. Seishun no Custard
o5. Kokoro no Tanima
o6. Yattarouze!
o7. Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Warashi
o8. Kara Genki
o9. Koi Uranai Toori ha Nara Nai wa
1o. Kiss Shiyou

Ongaku gatas-1st Goodsal Album 


{February 16, 2008}   B-sides Of MoMuSu

Just feeling like sharing some B-sides of MoMuSu 🙂

Currently ZIPPED

Morning Coffee [2002 Ver.],Ai To Taiyou Ni Tsutsumarete, Chotto Ikashita Pure Boy, Fine Emotion, Koi ING, Never Forget Rock Version

B-Side of MoMuSu 



{February 16, 2008}   ParaPara

Im gonna look into the world of parapara-ing…
a ‘Sport’ that have caught my eyes for several years now XD
Anyways…Im Not really into overviewing much…
So im gonna move on to the Free stuffs XD…

Before any of you complain, Im not going to upped any High Quality Videos but just enjoy what you have…its not that bad…

again..i don’t need a lot of stuffs other than a simple THANK YOU XD

 ParaPara_Shanghai Night_PV.MPG

ParaPara_Shanghai Night_mp3
Aoyama Misao- Distance ~in your love~ [Para Version with ending preview].Mp3

Aoyama Misao- Distance ~in your love~ [Full version] .MP3


{February 16, 2008}   Gyaruru finds a place in JAV world

Yea you heard me right XD…
I hate to break the news for you, but Gyaruru has made a new leap in the JAV entertainment world…Or simply known as Japanese Adult Video …or..Porn to those who still don’t get the last two XD

I was actually lying XD ..but looks like Studio KMP has found a doppelganger for the faces of the trio XD… Sonene played by Konomi Takahara, Amimi by Hina Airi and Abebe played by Moka…. They continues the H!P theme with 3 seperate dvd’s entitled Gyaruru- Gal Sone(Konomi Takahara), Gyaruru-Ami Tokito(Hina Airi) and Gyaruru-Asami Abe(Moka)

Do they look the same???
As the REAL Gyaruru?


I haven’t and prolly won’t watch this “Movie”…
Im not gonna sit around and watch some doppleganger going at ‘it’ while they’re paraing with pleasure :rofl:



{February 14, 2008}   Higurashi no naku koro ni kai

I’ve never seen this anime before….i heard its still new? XD..
Anyways..i’ll try and watch it when i have time XD… but what caught my attention while roaming for their pics i’ve found this…

it gets me thinking, is this gonna be some sort of kids lesbianism ecchi stuff?…XD.Hopefully its just some sort of image only XD…

Anyways..The reason that it gets me posting Higurashi no naku koro ni kai is because ~Dear You~ song…
The first time i listened to the “President Version” i fell in love …instantly..its like…a cupid have aimed his arrow at my heart for ages and waitin’ to let it go XD…

And i listen to niconico dudes and dudets version…totally OWNED! it XD….
Im like a big fan of them now…XD…

To those who is wondering the characters in Higuarshi no naku koro ni kai ..
well here ya go XD

Seems decent right?…XD…
well i prolly will watched it tho’…
curiosity didn’t really look good on me XD

But, i have some downloads available for you guys here XD

Dear you [8 users Version!]

Dear you[ President Version!] 

So like always…feel free to take it..
i don’t asked much..but only a THANK YOU 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day People!


{February 13, 2008}   Boys Valentine Love

You guys prolly be wondering what the heck’s wrong with the title XD…Its nothing wrong..i just combine the word Boys Love and Valentine’s Day XD..

I just finished watching the whole 15 Parts of BOYS LOVE 劇場版 ..Of course its an ecchi/tease movie…because of the whole half nude [seen the ass parts only] scenes and dark squeaking [meaning there are ‘doing’ some business :D] and some light kisses. It was a bit boring on the first half of the movie [NOT only its uploaded in RAW], i could only understand some bits of it because of my poor japanese knowledge -_-‘

this is the MV for it XD
But overall, the story when up the peak when….

*continue of you want to know the spoilers to those who haven’t watched it yet* XD

-The whole suicide of Ichiyou [the guy with specs] jumping out the window after getting rejected from Sora [his roomate] the day before

– the scenes where Sora was gangraped by the guy [and his friends] whose Ichiyou slept with [also known as the bully in the movie] to find comfort after he was rejected by Sora

-The scenes where the teacher [Aoi] beat the crap out of the bully in a Chapel after knowing the truth about Sora’s rape.

-and the ending, is mild sweet….as Aoi-san standing outside the hospital with the recovering Sora-kun in wheel chairs..

*end spoiler* XD

It was a good movie for me…
much better than the BOYS LOVE SAITO version XD…
atleast this one got a lil bit MORE action to it ahahha XD…

Anyways end of yaoi random-ness XD…

Onto Valentine’s Day…

Its tomorrow!!! XD…
im posting this EXACTLY 1 hour before the 14th FEB..
Looks like im flying solo again this year XD…
unfortunately my current ex is always contacting me and asking for me to wait until he finishes schooling XD…
and my school friend since Primary 3 is still chasing me around..
and to make life MUCH ‘fun'[im being sarcastic here to those who don’t understand XD] my high school friend is getting on my tail trying to ask me out….no thats not the ‘fun’ part… THE ‘FUN’ part is the person from high school is a GIRL…YESH!..a girl… There’s lots of people had thought that i was a lesbian…
Sometimes they make me wonder …am i really one?..
hahaha….thats said jokingly ok…i don’t have anything against lesbians, heck i got some lesbo’s friends too… But when it comes to me and the word ‘lesbian’ is just so WRONG!….*sigh*…i dunno why people are chasing not pretty, im not sexy and HELL im fat!..yes FRIGGIN FAT! and there’s some people actually wanna be with me?…

but then might be my kindness that they’re attracted to XD…
coz believe it or not…im super nice to my friends…especially when they’re in need…which is one point that i sumtimes hates about me XD…

Anyways…im WAYYY off topic now XD..
Let see…i hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s DAY.. to those single people [like me XD] and to those lovely inlove birdies out

with MUCH love

{February 12, 2008}   iTALENTSTAR?

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From: "iTalentStar Organiser" Add Mobile Alert
Subject: iTALENT - You're selected to represent Malaysia!!
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 23:13:01 +0800

Dear Participant,

We’re pleased to inform you that you’ve been selected as an iTALENT to represent Malaysia in iTALENTSTAR – Asia ’s first-ever online talent competition.

To qualify as a contestant for the Event, you will be required to undertake the followings:

1. you must be present for the ground event on the 23 February 2008 from 10am for the event launch party at the Aloha, Malaysia

2. if you are selected as the final 8 contestants, you must be available to travel to Singapore , or a venue to be decided by the organizer, in late April for the finale and post party event.

3. you might be required to enter into comment endorsement contracts with sponsors / brand names associated with the Event.

4. you are required to uphold a positive competitive image throughout the entire competition

5. your particulars and information submitted to us may be used for publicity purposes

6. you may be required for media interviews and publicity events

7. you are to sign an indemnity form and to comply with the other rules and regulation of the Contests found on our official website at

Your failure to comply with any of above requirements shall grant Organiser the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify you from participating in the Event.

Please confirm your participation by replying to this email with your acceptance before 6pm, 12 February 2008 (Tuesday) and the organiser will be getting in touch with you shortly to provide you further information about the contests.

Thank you,

iTalentStar Organiser

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About a month ago..i sent a video of me [FOR FUN!] to iTALENTSTAR .com…  About an hour ago, i checked my mail..and saw that i’ve been selected  and i was like OH MY GAA!..HAHA…i was really suprised to received the email…and tomorrow [YES on V’ DAY!]  all 80 contestants from Indonesia, Philipines, Singapore and Malaysia will be announced and could you believe it??…i was one of them…

YES im putting the word ‘WAS’ because i will withdraw myself from the competition…sad ain’t it..but o well..i might as well enjoys it before it ends XD

Koda Kumi’s 6th Studio Album
Released on : 30th January 2008 [A day before my birthday XD]Song Tracklist
01. Introduction for kingdom
02. Last Angel. Feat Tohoshniki
03. Amai Wana
04. Himitsu
05. Ai No Uta
06. Anytime
07. Under
09. Koi No Mahou
10. Aisho
11. Anata ga Shite Kureta Koto
12. Wonderland
13. Freaky
14. MORE
15. Black Cherry [Bonus Track]

Lets start with
The Introduction for Kingdom. When i heard the the intro ‘scream’ i was like wth??? the scream just didn’t click with the whole intro thing. but the ‘love’ is mediocre. For me, im not feelin’ the Intro that much.

02. Last Angel
Its a pretty catchy song. Nice beat, good dancing and the vocals are just amazing.

03.Amai Wana
The beat is great..I love the whole ‘ghetto-like’ atmosphere of the song. The mixed R&B and slow pop beats. It doesn’t have the number 1 chart sound. But it sure does addicting.

04. Himitsu
I love this song how it proclaims the story of trust and secrecy between hearts. The beat is just perfect. But it sounded a bit..boring…

05. Ai no Uta
ah ‘The song of love’. The first time i heard it, i INSTANTLY fell in love with it. It just have the deepness on how it felt to be in love and somehow the feeling of being a lonely love. XD..

But then again, The song is very calming and content with a smudge of sadness.

06. Anytime.

Oh hell, the first time i listen to this song, I instantly smile. the intro beat is just calming and ‘smiley’. whenever i played this song, it just gave me the urged to just forget all bad things and just enjoy what i have now. So this is FULLY recommended to those who never listens to it.

07. Under

The opening beat is just kick ass with the background phone sound. The whole beat of this song is great. Unfortunately the song is just mediocre. Not really what i called ‘will-be-listened’ much.

This song is pure lesbianism and sexy ‘sex sells’ to me. I LOVE IT. XD..the beat is just great to listen. Not really much you can dance to but it prolly make you sway your head left and right and make you go G.A.Y [as in happy…but if you want to be in other meaning…be my guest XD]

09. Koi No Mahou

This is song just gave me the feeling of love. Like valentine day feeling. Its just fun to listen to. The beat and the vocals are just mediocre but it good 🙂

10. Aisho

The intro guitar is great. The feeling/emotion is just right. The whole entire music is LOVED!

11.Anata ga shite kureta Koto

I don’t really like this song. Its just too weak for my ear to ear.Its like she’s singing on a straight line.. some parts of the song she sang flat and sounded like she didn’t want to sing it. I know she’s trying to give a more calming and fun atmosphere at the same time. But it just doesn’t work

12. Wonderland

This song sounded as if it should make it to an opening/ending for an anime. this song is so fun to listen and upbeat.

Its recommend if you want to listen to an upbeat fun song XD


I hate this song the first time i listened to it. But i think overall this is prolly be the second best song in with attitude in this Album.

14. MORE

This song was a DISASTER!. Her voice doesn’t really suit this song. i know she can do MUCH MUCH better than this one. Im just not feelin’ it. and the chorus sounded so desperate!

the song is ok…but might not be likeable to a lot of people.

15. Black Cherry [Bonus Track]

I love it since i heard it one her Black Cherry album. The music is upbeat that everyone can dance to it. The vocal is just amazing a mix of SEXY and GREATNESS, The ‘so-called rap’ towards the end was ok. 🙂

Overall, Her 6th Kingdom album is just mediocre. Hopefully her next album would be a LOT different and MUCH better than this.

PS: don’t take the reviews personally. Its just a one person opinion. You guys might disagree OR agree with it.


{February 8, 2008}   V-U-DEN to be disband

I got tired of posting this over and over again so i will and FINALLY post this on my own BLOG XD

V-U-DEN,Biyuuden, Viyuden, Biyuden or whatever you guys spelt the group name is disbanding…YES..FINALLY! XD [im kidding XD]..I never was a fan of V-U-DEN before.. But i’ve listen to some of their songs XD. One of the most unforgettable song from them to me is prolly gonna be Aisu Cream to my Pudding. The song is much catchier and fun to dance to [wth?] and the unforgettable tits pointing scene XD..
No im not a pervert NOR a lesbian…I just find that scene very amusing XD

WELL i got off track a while there XD..Today’s MAIN post is supposed to be about V-U-DEN..LOL..o well its still in the same topic tho’ XD

ANYWAYS.. The group trio consists of Ishikawa Rika,Okada Yui, and Erika Miyoshi will be disbanding after their final concert on June.

It was told on Tsunku‘s Blog that he have a plan for Okada Yui for her coming 20th birthday that Okada Yui will be a soloist within Hello!Project [i think as a replacement fill for Goto Maki as she has already resign from H!P]. As for Rika, she will continue and concentrate on Ongaku Gatas. uh..AS for Erika, Nothing came about of her future planning after V-U-DEN disband. But i’ll keep a track of her…..


et cetera